Valparaiso Animal Hospital

815 Calumet Ave. Suite 1
Valparaiso, IN 46383


  Meet the Staff:

 One of the most important parts of any veterinary hospital are the people who will be caring for your pet. The staff of Valparaiso Animal Hospital are all "Pet People" who love animals, and love making their lives more comfortable.  Feel free to chat with our staff and get to know them a bit better.

Office Manager

Emily our office manager, is a registered veterinary technician. She graduated in 2012 and became a RVT in 2013. She has a Dalmatian Mix named Perdy. She enjoys crafting and gardening. A fun fact about Emily is: she has gone four wheeling in the Smokey Mountains!

    Medical Staff

Julie  our tech manager, is originally from Ohio and has been in veterinary medicine since 2003. She has 4 dogs; Vinny, Brewster, Teddy and Shmee. She also has 4 cats; a tripod named Virginia Noodles, Barnaby Billy Mittens, Princess Puff and Mrs. Pippen Pickles. She enjoys reading and spending time with her kids. A fun fact about Julie is: She is missing a spleen!

Matt has been a part of our team since 2015. He enjoys playing guitar, fishing, hiking and playing video games. He has a cat named Ember. An interesting fact about Matt is: he is a Marine Corps Veteran!

Amy graduated from the Vet Tech Institute and is working towards becoming a registered veterinary technician! She enjoys playing soccer, hiking and is an avid Harry Potter fan. She has a spunky kitty named Titus. A fun fact about Amy is: She is an only child, her father is from England and she also has family members that live in England. 

Brandy graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelors degree in Animal Science, and is currently back in school to become a credentialed veterinary technician. She enjoys reading, crafting and playing video games. She has a Miniature Schnauzer named Maverick. An interesting fact about Brandy is: she has been on over 10 cruises!

Mackenzie, graduated from the Vet Tech Institute in 2017 and is working on becoming a registered Veterinary Technician. She has 2 rabbits, Javiar and Spaz. She also has a hamster named Amenity. In her free time, she enjoys showing rabbits and coaching cheerleading. An interesting fact about Mackenzie is: She is working on the release of an upcoming online business called WittyPet!

Kim enjoys reading and spending time on the lake. She has 2 Golden Retrievers (Bella and Noel) and a Yorkie named Fez. She also has a cat named Snowball. An interesting fact about Kim is: she is going to school for elementary education!

Hayley graduated from the Vet Tech Institute in 2019 and is working towards becoming a registered veterinary technician! She has 2 Pit bulls named Rosie and Ivory. She enjoys taking them for walks and gardening. An interesting fact about Hayley is: she would love to open a Pittie Rescue one day and is missing her tonsils!

Tayler is our Kennel Manager, you will also see her working as an assistant. She has a Jack Russel Mix named Mac and 3 cats; Wall-E, Eve and Onyx. She enjoys going to the dog park, hanging out with her co-workers and camping. An interesting fact about Tayler is: she has a tattoo of her dog Mac.

Kolleen graduated from IBC Vet Tech Institute in 2015 and has been working as a vet tech since. She has a wonderful husband and a perfect little boy named, Gio. She has a cat named Boris, and an Aussie Mix named Artio. She enjoys watching movies, playing games (when she has time) and drawing. A fun fact about Kolleen is: She is a huge Godzilla fan, has seen all of the movies and knows a lot of Godzilla fan. 

Capitha enjoys painting, bike riding and going mudding. She has a Husky Mix named Oden. She also has 7 cats; Gingee, Runt, Squeakers, Luna, Spike, T-box, and Lil Mama. A fun fact about Capitha is: she is the youngest of 9 siblings!

Client Care Coordinators

Sally has been working at the Valparaiso Animal Hospital since Dr. Butler purchased the practice in 2010. She has 3 dogs; Bugsy, Noah and Timothy. She also has 2 cats, Monroe and Kitten. She enjoys traveling, spending time with her grandkids and volunteering at her church. A fun fact about Sally is: She loves to cook and decorate for banquets. 

Kali is our Media Manager and joined our team in 2012. She has 2 dogs; Wrangler and Melvin. She also has 2 cats; Walley and Moe and 11 chickens. She enjoys crocheting, gardening and being outdoors. A fun fact about Kali is: she likes to adopt senior pets so they can live out their golden years. 

Theresa "Tree" came to us in 2018. She has a Puggle named Melody and a French Bulldog named Judge. She also has a cat named Maleficent and a cockatiel name Skittles. She enjoys the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, camping, gardening and doing yoga. An interesting fact about Tree is: she sings and plays the violin!

Karen joined our team in 2018. She has a dog named Toby and a cat named Molly Mae. She enjoys gardening, crocheting, knitting, sewing, four wheeling and floating in her pool on hot summer days. An interesting fact about Karen is: she was the first female born on her father's side in over 50 years!

Monica joined our team in 2021. She has a Shiba named Akumu, a Minni Aussie named Merle and a Dachshund named Daisy. She enjoys crafting and hiking in her spare time. An interesting fact about Monica is: She just got married in 2021 and doesn't know how to properly pronounce her husbands first name. 

Kennel Attendants 

Dana enjoys traveling, spending time with her grand children and spending time outdoors in the summer. She has a Brussels Griffon Mix named Gizmo. An interesting fact about Dana is: she has been in veterinary medicine since 1999!